Eva Hammer


Eva Hammer-Edelmann

Butzenstrasse 27

8038 Zürich


In writing, words combine to form sentences and allow

the creation of people and short stories.

Reviews in the journal Women's Lives 2006 - 2013

Readings with Schreibtisch Winterthur (inc. Zürich liest 2013)

Member of femscript since 2011


Life is full of colors and shapes that touch me.

Faces tell me many stories,

which I like to encapsulate in portraits.

To capture the expression of the soul on paper, is my heart's desire.

Yoga Education:

In yoga the breath connects with the body

the mind can come to rest.

The practice of yoga is a game between stress and relaxation,

which can grow well-being in the body.

The relaxation in meditation is beneficial for me.